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Maintenance Tips


Routine Maintenance is vital to extending the life of your vehicle.

  • Keep Accurate maintenance records. They are good diagnostic tools, proof
    you have cared for your vehicle and can enhance its resale value.

  • Keep the engine in tune. Fixing a car that is out of tune can reduce gas
    consumption. Also watch for worn spark plugs, a miss-fire can reduce
    fuel efficiency.

  • Run your engine for a few minutes before powering up the heater, a/c,
    wipers, or other accessories. Acceleration with a cold engine can cause
    premature engine failure.

  • Check for engine leaks, tighten gas cap, rotate tires, change oil and
    filter on a regular basis, check belts, etc.


How to prepare/check your vehicle for the current or next season.

Fall / Winter

  • Check that battery and starting system are within specs.

  • Check coolant, make sure its clean, full, and within specs.

  • Check Tires, tread, pressure etc...

  • Check wiper blades, and washer fluid.

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